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Yesf is a framework based on Swoole, for the website. Advantages:

  1. High performance
  2. Flexible autoload
  3. Flexible and scalable
  4. Built-in multiple routes, compatible with the current common routing protocol
  5. Support a variety of configuration

Yesf is based on Swoole, so it supports TCP and UDP listening, asynchronous tasks and other functions

About documentiion

This document corresponds to Yesf version 1.0.0-rc5. If there is any error, please submit an issue to GitHub or Gitee.

Naming convention

The current Yesf naming convention is as follows:

Class naming

  1. All libraries are in the yesf\library namespace
  2. All libraries are in the library directory
  3. Class are named after the big hump naming
  4. Methods are named after the small hump naming

Variable naming

  1. Most variables are named after the small humping nomenclature
  2. When some variables start with "_" (underline), they follow the nomenclature of the underline

Constant naming

  1. The basic constants of the frame begin with YESF_
  2. Other constants are located in yesf\Constant, and basically follow the "module_type_description" of the nomenclature, such as "ROUTER_ERR_CONTROLLER"

Other special naming

  1. The abstract classes for inheritance are namespace yesf\library\abstract
  2. The interfaces for the specification are namespace yesf\library\interface